Los Angeles to Anaheim
Project Section Overview


The California High-Speed Rail Authority (Authority) continues to advance work to deliver the nation’s first high-speed rail system.

The Los Angeles to Anaheim (LA-A) Project Section is approaching a new milestone moving closer to connecting Los Angeles and Anaheim, to the Central Valley and San Francisco with a one-seat high-speed train ride.

The approximately 30-mile corridor connects Los Angeles Union Station (LAUS) to the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC) using the existing passenger and freight rail corridor, traveling through:

  • Los Angeles
  • Vernon
  • Commerce
  • Bell
  • Montebello
  • Pico Rivera
  • Norwalk
  • Santa Fe Springs
  • Portions of unincorporated LA County
  • La Mirada
  • Buena Park
  • Fullerton
  • Anaheim

The Authority recently released a Supplemental Alternative Analysis (SAA) identifying a new build alternative, the Shared Passenger Track Alternative, to be studied within the environmental document. This alternative is similar to the 2018 High-Speed Rail (HSR) Project Alternative but includes some changes, such as reducing proposed train operating frequency, proposing at-grade crossings in place of previously proposed grade separations, refining designs to best utilize the existing rail corridor, and eliminating the need for a BNSF Intermodal Facility in San Bernardino County. The proposed LA-A Project Section can be seen in Figure 1. The Authority is also studying possible staging tracks sites in the high-desert area as mitigation for freight rail impacts during construction and operation of HSR, seen in Figure 2.

The statewide high-speed rail program and its LA-A Project Section contribute to economic development, a cleaner environment, and job creation; all while investing in regional and local rail lines to meet the State’s 21st century transportation needs.

Figure 1: LA-A Proposed New Alternative Under Study
Figure 2: BNSF Potential Staging Track Sites