Interactive Map

CHSRA P-B Interactive Map Image

This map depicts the environmental footprint, which represents the maximum area that the project will be impacting, as defined in the environmental document.

Click on the map or click here to find your property in relation to the preliminary footprint for the Build Alternative.

Once you have reviewed the Draft EIR/EIS, if you identify that your property is listed as being potentially impacted, it is important to note that the property acquisition process begins after the Final EIR/EIS is approved, which is currently targeted for 2023. You may submit any comments or questions regarding your property via the formal comment process on the Draft EIR/EIS. Comments received on the Draft EIR/EIS will be responded to after the close of the official comment period and included in the Final EIR/EIS.

You can learn more about the Authority’s right-of-way process and relocation assistance program by reviewing the fact sheets.

If you have questions about the Authority’s right-of-way process or the relocation assistance program, please call (916) 324-1541 or email