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This is an archive of the Open House website that was available from August 25, 2020 to September 24, 2020. The Authority created this website to provide enhanced access to the Notice of Preparation/Notice of Intent (NOP/NOI) in response to health and safety directives concerning the novel coronavirus. This website remains available to the public, although visitors may no longer submit a comment on the Notice of Preparation/Notice of Intent (NOP/NOI) or participate in a webinar (these features are no longer active on this site).

The Los Angeles to Anaheim Project Section is approximately 30 miles and includes four station stops: Los Angeles Union Station, Norwalk/Santa Fe Springs Station, Fullerton Transportation Center and Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC). Two alternatives, the HSR Project Alternative and a No Project Alternative are being studied. At this station, you can learn more about the project section.

Project Section Highlights:

  • Uses next-generation signaling technology (Positive Train Control, intrusion barriers, earthquake early warning, and more) to enhance performance while reducing pollution, noise, and congestion along the corridor

  • Eliminates road traffic wait times at existing rail intersections by building grade separations and otherwise separating road and railroad traffic

  • Reduces passenger delays caused by mixing freight and passenger services, and provides the capacity for more convenient and easier-to-use passenger service

  • Removal of an average of 10 freight trains per day from the Los Angeles to Anaheim rail corridor compared to future conditions under the No Project Alternative

  • Utility improvements and modifications including relocating utility lines

  • Provides short and long-term employment opportunities

The Colton Intermodal Facility Component (Colton Component) is essential to preparing the corridor and reducing impacts to existing passenger and freight rail services by providing a destination outside of the HSR corridor for freight trains, freeing up track capacity needed for passenger and freight trains within the HSR corridor.

The Lenwood Staging Track Component (Lenwood Component) would provide four staging tracks adjacent to the BNSF existing mainline near Barstow, outside of the Los Angeles to Anaheim corridor, to allow for the staging of trains prior to entering the Los Angeles to Anaheim corridor limits to allow operations and schedule flexibility as well as maintenance windows in the corridor. Staging tracks outside of the Los Angeles to Anaheim corridor would avoid impacting projected passenger and freight mainline capacity and operations and reduce the potential for train congestion.


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